Magic Crystal Vodka

A diamond in every drop.

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Welcome to the Premium Class of vodka.

The best word to describe the Magic Crystal experience is magic. It’s a very smooth, soft encounter for both your nose and your palate. There is something very pure, authentic and harmonious about it. This is because Magic Crystal is an incredibly balanced creation, with a slightly sweet and tender final note, which makes it the choice of vodka connoisseurs and anyone who has the pleasure of trying it. Ask for it at your favorite club! Welcome to the Premium Class.


Loving attention to detail.

To ensure impeccable quality, the entire distillation process of Magic Crystal is closely monitored by a team of master distillers.
The reason Magic Crystal is so incredibly balanced and mild is because it is distilled very slowly and carefully 5 times, using 100% wheat and water, which comes exclusively from private wells. It is then filtered 4 times and the result is extremely high purity, low mineralization and minimum hardness. This method of distillation is a tradition that has been maintained since 1859. And we use only the finest raw materials and do completely without any additives, such as sugar, flavorings or aromas. Magic Crystal is distilled 10 times slower than ordinary vodka, and only the best of the best part, what is known as the “lux alcohol” is used. In the end, the strict quality controls, adherence to tradition and the loving attention to detail are what make this Made in Germany creation the masterpiece that it is.


The pure elegance of a diamond.

The extravagance of Magic Crystal does not stop at the fine contents, but carries over to the unique design of the bottle: its decorative decanter shape simply looks breathtaking on the table and catches eyes in any bar it’s displayed in. We are sure you’ll agree that our bottle is the epitome of elegance. It is modeled – which is plain to see – after the cut of a diamond. Its modern, unmistakable combination of round and square shapes has even been patented. And the diamond-shaped hologram foil rounds off the pure elegance of the bottle, making it an ideal luxury gift.


Magic Crystal turns any cocktail into a luxury drink. Try it straight or on the rocks! One thing is for sure: Magic Crystal turns any drink into magical experience.

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